About This Website

This Website was created for Japanese people who might come visit, or study in Nanaimo in the future.

Internet is the easiest way for Japanese people to find information about Nanaimo. However, most of the webstes that explain about Nanaimo are written in English. It has been really difficult for Japanese people to learn about Nanaimo in Japanese.

As a resident of Nanaimo, I thought this might be a great opportunity for me to create this website in Japanese. Since I made this website in 2006, I have met some Japanese people who saw this website. I hope this will continue and will try to update this website as possible as I can.

I would like to thank City of Nanaimo for providing me some information. and I would like to thank my friends who gave me some photos that I used on this website

December 2009
Daisuke Sugiwaki

Daisuke Sugiwaki

Profile : Daisuke Sugiwaki- Yokohama, Japan

- Kanto Gakuin University - Bachelar of Economics(2000)
- Malaspina University-College Tourism Management Diploma(2005)

Recent achievements:

Japanese Festival at Malaspina U-C(Main organizer)(2004,2005)

Volunteered for Multi-Cultural Week at Malaspina U-C(2004,2005,2006)
Link to the website

International Students Association(SIAAPS)(2000)

Nomura Tycoons Basketball Team in Japan(2000,2001)

International Basketball League : Nippon Tornadoes(2009)
Link to the website

American Basketball Association- Seattle Zhen Gan(2009-2010)
Team info.
Vancouver Shinpo(Japanese)

Nanaimo Ryoko Website(2006)